Popup Gay Bar

Pop Up Gay Bar was created by the crew behind Guerrilla Queer Bar, a queer flash mob that's been careening about greater San Francisco since 2000 (before Twitter, Facebook, Grindr and smartphones). It's great fun, kind of a drunken field trip (sometimes involving caravans of Green Tortoise buses).

Pop Up Gay Bar is an instant organizing tool you can use to create LGBT space in your community, sort of an Instant GQB (Just Add Water!), and while the name is Pop Up Gay Bar, you don't have to meet at a bar. Some of our fondest moments were from a bus caravan to the East Bay suburbs (the lead bus got lost so we partied on the buses while the drivers got lost in the East Bay hills)

A lot has changed since we started GQB. Marriage equality is on its way to becoming the law of the land. The Internet makes it easier than ever to stay connected, but it has weirdly killed the social scene (why go out when you can "order in").

We are encouraging people to organize two types of events via Pop Up Gay Bar. Weekly happy hours at local neighborhood bars see Homo Hump Day Happy Hour, and less frequent special events that draw people in from a wider area.

To start a weekly wednesday happy hour, just pick out a fun place with cheap drinks and good food in your neighborhood, fill out a short form and invite your friends and neighbors to join you.

To register as a special event organizer, email Brian McConnell with the following information:

We'll get you set up on the event invite system. This is a location aware email list, so when you post an announcement, it will be sent to people in the areas near you.

If you are bilingual, we are also looking for people to help translate Pop Up Gay Bar into other languages. The system is already set up for multilingual operation, so if you'd like to help with that, drop a line.

You can also join the discussion group for organizers to meet other PUGB organizers, share ideas and collaborate.

Thanks for visiting. If you'd like to learn more, drop a line to bsmcconnell@gmail.com