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How to start your very own Pop-Up Gay Bar

  • Spread the word

    Bring your friends and party posse to your first few happy hours. That way as new people show up they’ll be greeted by a friendly crowd in a queer-friendly space. Text, email, and social media are great ways to get the word out. Encourage people to sign up at popupgaybar.com so they get notifications about upcoming events.

  • Create a Facebook page

    Facebook pages are an effective way to promote local events and spread the word out about other happenings in the community. When one of your friends hosts a house party or has an art show, you can promote those on your page as well and support local queer events. Get a Twitter account and email list going, too!

  • Post it here!

    After you’re set up on social media, fill out this short form to create your group. That way we can help you notify Pop-Up Gay Bar followers in your community about upcoming events.

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Three things to remember


Get press involvement

Be Generous

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